Maximize your conversion

By using our simple tools you can truly maximize your conversion from contact to lead. You will get all the goodies from Marketing Automation but none of the headache.

Keep it simple

Our focus is to create a tool that is user friendly and easy to use. You don't have to take courses or waste time with watching long videos.

Get real value

We use best-practice in everything we do, and the methods implemented in our tools are based on research and experience.

We make Lead Acquisition Simple for you

To increase your sales and really make your business ​take off, you need to have a ​constant supply of highly Sales Qualified Leads. That's why we've built ​Leadsmaskinen (it means "​​the leads-machine" in Swedish). It is a unique campaign platform, that performs all the magic features that a full-fledged Marketing Automation tool does, but with a little twist that is going to make everything so much simpler for you:

​​Leadsmaskinen supplies you with highly converting landing pages, stunningly designed to inspire awe and trust to make sure your leads ​will want to learn more about your company and its products so they will leave their contact details. ​

​The leads-machine integrates across all your favorite digital marketing tools like Wordpress, any CRM-system like Pipedrive, Salesforce, Otto, Dynamics and other e-mail marketing platforms such as​ Otto, Mailchimp and others to simplify and automate the ​early major parts of your sales cycle.​

For any Business...

​After ​1​0 years or building and running Marketing Automation services for numerous companies we realized that the market and the systems just got more crowded and complex, and it seemed the focus ​was somewhat lost with regards to achieving the most important results: Higher sales effectiveness through more sales and leads in a more simple and efficient rather than complex way with less time spent. 

​So we developed ​Leadsmaskinen in cooperation with sales reps and managers and professional marketers in the Swedish market for replicating best practices. A platform designed ​for those who ​wants the best results, and wants it in the simplest, yet best looking way.

Whether you are an end-user, an IT manager, or a Sales and Marketing specialist, Leadsmaskinen is built to help you convert more, increase your revenue per employee and mitigate the risk and costs of staff turnover and align with your potential customers that are increasingly sophisticated and ignore ​old sales methods.

You receive a detailed overview of your campaigns which enables you to measure and see all your key figures and analyze which campaigns deliver best results over time. And finally, to ​drive leads who need more processing forward ​and close those who are ready for ​purchase.

Connect and Integrate with your Existing Systems

We are working continuously to connect to and integrate with 1,000+ other web services and systems.

Since we love clever best practices, our ambition is not to replace your existing systems but rather to connect them to the Leads Machine without a single line of coding. Set up in minutes, get started right away to dive in and explore digital channels and social techniques to turn generated leads into potential buyers.

With Leadsmaskinen you will simply streamline your tasks and automate your work flow with other systems.  

Our most popular integrations without typing a single line of code...


Keep it Simple

The idea behind Leadsmaskinen is to make ​the leads-machine really simple and easy to use. Since we want to help ​all companies to generate qualified leads, build relationships and increase brand awareness, our aim is for anyone to be able to use the Leadsmaskinen service without any prior knowledge or long complicated ​training. We strive to make your work flow efficient, easy and results-oriented.

Leadsmaskinen is like ​a Swiss watch, an advanced technology back-end with a very user-friendly ​interface that does its job, but while the watch will just tell you the time, Leadsmaskinen will also help you save it.

Professional. Powerful. Affordable.

​Do you also want more qualified leads and higher sales​?
If you nod your head in a ​YES, then​...

Functionality - What makes Leadsmaskinen so ​great?

Unique and Smart Features

Leadsmaskinen is not only a campaign platform but also your sales machine built with all the features from Marketing Automation to drive your sales to the next level.

 Based on a variety of features; From automated email delivery status, tracking of page visits, to following up open rates, e-mail bounces and click-through rates. And a progressive profiling to identify where your contacts come from, what actions ​you want them to take and offer them an attractive content.

Unique. Simple. Smart. 

Best Practice by Default

We believe in best practi​ce! Leadsmaskinen is designed to follow the latest guidelines in digital marketing. For instance, building emails or landing-pages in our drag-n-drop editor ​gives you ​both mobile and PC-friendly results directly, and ​when you set up a campaign, ​the necessary prospecting and nurturing sequences are also ​automatically ​set up at the same time. ​

Track your Contacts through the funnel... Track your Emails

What happens after you click ​that Send button?! Through Leadsmaskinen's  dashboard, you can easily see who has opened, clicked on a link or simply ignored your emails.

You can even assign a couple of actions in your pipe-line to your existing contacts depending on how they responded. You may simply mark those who downloaded your ​material as sales qualified leads, and shoot them directly in to your CRM system. Or create a nurturing sequence for those who just visit your page without taking further actions. 

Email Deliverability and Validation

Once you are ready with your campaign and you've imported your contacts via Excel or through our integration with your systems via Zapier, we have to assess the quality of your lists by validating the email addresses before your send out. This way we ensure the safety and quality of messages sent by our customers and we protect you from ending up in the black lists if you use Leadsmaskinen also for any send-outs. It's included anyway!

Automatic Export

Leadsmaskinen is cleverly built to follow the journey of your leads. You can easily connect your leads-machine to your CRM system and automatically update the contact status on auto-pilot to easily export your contact details to your CRM.  

This way , you can easily set up a new deal or an activity in e.g. Pipedrive, Otto or Salesforce based on the status level of your leads which render the flow automatic and your sales-team's pipe-line filled with hot leads.

Live Support

Our mission is to satisfy our ​clients.

You may encounter a problem or simply not really find what you are looking for. Therefore, we've included live chat support from within Leadsmaskinen during Central European office hours. Our staff is ​in place to help you with your questions and give you feedback on the spot, in the actual service itself.

All you have to do is to contact the support through an integrated chat box in your Dashboard and they will be more than happy to assist you.

​We certainly also take all suggestions for improvements very seriously!

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